一个和客户, 供应以及行会运行良好的社交网是很重要的。史华泰克是下列行业协会的成员。

Chamber of Crafts Schwerin

Chamber of Crafts Schwerin include more than 7,700 handicraft businesses in the chamber district with its more than 40,000 employees and about 2,300 trainees. The Chamber of Crafts is the advocacy and service center for the entire craft in their district.

IHK Schwerin

For the local economy: With more than 24,000 member companies, IHK Schwerin representing the economic interests in and for the region West Mecklenburg.


For more than 40 years the Association of German refrigeration and air conditioning specialist firms works as an information and interest port between politics, associations, industry and crafts. It represents the political and economic interests of its members in relation to government agencies, authorities and organizations in Germany, the European internal market and beyond.


德国工程师协会(Verein Deutscher Ingenieure,简称VDI )是世界工程组织联合会(WFEO)的正式成员,下设45个区分会和18个专业协会,拥有正式会员约13万人,其中大学生和青年工程师约占1/3,是欧洲最大的工程协会。