Previous Projects  

Here you can get an image about our work and projects. Our customer base on in addition to individuals including small and medium enterprises, who are always happy to cooperate with us. Let us convince you by our reference projects and contact us.  

Our Reference Objects  

Cooling Heat Treatment Furnace  

Installed cooling capacity: 185 kW  

Components used: water-cooled chiller; Buffer storage 1: 15,000 L; 

Buffer storage 2: 5000 L;

Consumers pumps Group: 

SCHWARTEC TPG; Evaporator pump group:                                                               SCHWARTEC TPG; Cabinet for higher-level                                                                 control  

                                                              Performance: planning, production of                                                                          pumps groups, delivery of chiller and buffer                                                                   memory, on-site installation, commissioning  

                                                              Industry: Aviation   


Cooling Tunnel  

Performance: planning, design, manufacture, shipping, on-site assembly  

Production time: 2 days on site because preassembled  

Location: Hungary  

Industry: automotive industry  

Cooling Turbine  

Installed cooling capacity: 50 kW  

Components used: compact recooler without compression refrigeration  

activities performed: planning, production, delivery, installation and commissioning  

Utilities industry